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Regeneration Multi Stem Cell® Xtreme Cellulite

Art.No.: C12063
Regeneration Multi Stem Cell® Xtreme Cellulite
World first!

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There was never such an effective body firming cream!
This sensational success has never been scientifically proven by any other similar cream!

The Swiss research laboratory Mibelle Biochemistry together with Chiara Ambra® have succeeded in proving the multiple effects of the Xtreme Cellulite Cream simultaneously!

The fourfold effect against your problem zones:
(Top results after 6 weeks with only 1 daily application)
And with sports and eating habits entirely unchanged!

  • 37 % less cellulite
  • 57 % increase in skin elasticity
  • 41 % smoother skin
  • 3,8 cm reduction in the circumference of the thigh
    (in individual cases even up to 9 cm)

The most important thing first: The Xtreme Cellulite Cream can naturally also be used successfully against loose skin, for example on the arms or in the bust area.
Find it out for yourself!

Do you desire a "lift" effect of the décolleté?
Then give a try to Xtreme Cellulite Cream!

Firm, shape and reduce your body where you desire!
You will be delighted! Simply rub in –that’s
Measure your own success! Use the provided measuring tape!

The cream consists of genistein and a combination of multiple active ingredients which stimulate the division of the fat cells and promote the blood circulation, as well as a type of algae - Spirulina Platensis - which has a firming effect.

Additionally, the cream is enriched with comfrey plant stem cells,
which delay the aging of the skin cells.

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